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There's something comforting about the sound of a kettle reaching boiling point; it's more than just a signal that your drink is ready; it's a promise of relaxation, a moment to yourself, or a shared cuppa with friends and family.

Over the decades, Russell Hobbs has been at the forefront of kitchen innovation, beginning with the introduction of the world’s first automatic shut-off kettle in 1955. They might seem like a simple kitchen essential, but we believe that every time you flick the switch, it should be an experience in itself. That's why our range isn't just vast but meticulously designed to cater to every need and taste.

Electric Kettles

Russell Hobbs electric kettles are the perfect fusion of practicality and modern design. Equipped with a range of features and functionalities, they're crafted to make your daily brewing routine smooth and effortless. 

A good cuppa isn't just about speed though. Peaceful mornings and tranquil evenings deserve an equally serene kettle. With Russell Hobbs Quiet Boil Kettles, there's no more overpowering noise as you try to catch up on the morning news or have a chat. They're engineered to work their magic quieter than standard models, ensuring that your moments of relaxation are that little bit more peaceful. Our Brita Filter Kettles even filter out impurities, ensuring every cup remains pure and pristine.

Stylish and Functional Designs

Beyond functionality, we boast a diverse range of designs that fit seamlessly into any kitchen. With a range that spans from ultra-modern metallics to timeless classics, Russell Hobbs kettles are designed to beautifully complement your kitchen. Whether you prefer a bold pop of color or a sleek and sophisticated design, our appliances add a touch of style to any countertop.

Kettle and Toaster Sets

From the stylish appeal of our textured kettles to the serene convenience of our quieter models, we have something for everyone. And for those who appreciate a balanced look in their kitchen, our Russell Hobbs Kettle and Toaster Sets are the perfect example of coordinated design. Pair them with a matching toaster to ensure your kitchen looks as good as the beverages taste.

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