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Trying to eat healthier but craving your favourite fried dishes? We’ve all felt guilt when cooking some of our favourite fried recipes. Homemade chips. Crunchy fried chicken. Let's face it, our favourites can sometimes be a little unhealthy for us. But they don’t need to be.

Get ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen, without fuss or mess. With little or no oil required, you can now cook with confidence while retaining that delicious taste you crave. All with zero guilt.

Russell Hobbs is excited to offer a stylish, easy-to-use range of air fryers to suit every level of cook.

Little or no oil

It’s no coincidence that air fryers are also known as health fryers. Unlike traditional fryers, air fryer technology works by rapidly circulating hot air evenly around the food. This method of cooking helps to lock in all the moisture. Less fat, more flavour!

Multi Cooking Functions

The easy-to-use touch controls and intuitive display enables you to access up to 7 cooking functions including chips, fish, chicken, steak and bake. So whether you’re cooking a meal for one or a feast for the family you can cook with confidence.

In need of inspiration? Why not try some of our most popular air fryer recipes.

Energy Efficient

A Russell Hobbs air fryer can save you up to as much as 68% energy* compared to a conventional oven. So not only can you save money on eating in, but it can also help reduce your energy bills. 

*percentage varies on air fryer capacity; see website for full details

Easy Clean & Dishwasher-Safe

Easy to use and easy to clean. Our air fryers come with removable crisping plates and baskets so you can simply remove them and pop them in the dishwasher. And with little or no oil to dispose of, they’ll be no fighting over whose turn it is to do the dishes!

Browse our range of Russell Hobbs airfryers or find out more about our Satisfry Collection.

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