4 budget friendly family dinner recipes

4 budget friendly family dinner recipes

There is no denying that everyone is feeling the pinch of the cost of living. Whilst energy costs are starting to decrease, we’re still seeing high prices in the supermarkets which has everyone thinking of ways to cut down on costs especially at meal times. 

We’ve conducted research into some of the best low cost recipes, using research on the favourite family meals in the UK, and current prices across supermarkets.

1. Sausage casserole

The humble sausage casserole is somewhat of a British staple, it is quick and easy to make – making it perfect for weeknight family meals. Even better, it can be extremely cost effective. Based on research carried out looking at a basic sausage casserole recipe, and prices across the major supermarket brands – sausage casserole costs on average less than £6 per recipe. So, not only is it easy, but it helps save the pennies too. 

If you’re looking for a twist on the traditional sausage casserole, take a look at our smokey sausage casserole recipe which is a spicy, smokey take on the usual recipe, complete with butter beans.


2. Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese, an all time family favourite! Bolognese is a great meal for the whole family – you can prepare it ahead of time, batch cook it and hide plenty of vegetables in there for the children! Coming in at an average cost of under £5, it’s also a perfect choice for a cost-effective tea.

For a classic Bolognese recipe, take a look at our bolognese sauce – you can batch cook this and keep it for another day, or serve right away. You can also serve it with something other than spaghetti if you wish – such as jacket potatoes or vegetables.


3. Roast Chicken Dinner

Of course, a roast dinner had to make the list. And, you can tuck into a roast chicken dinner for less than £7 for a family of 4. Perfect for a Sunday, or a mid-week treat. You can choose your favourite sides and vegetables to accompany and the best thing is this roast chicken recipe goes straight into the air fryer so it is cooked to perfection every time.


4. Chicken Curry 

Another recipe that you can make for less than £10 is a chicken curry. Of course, it’s personal preference as to what type of curry you prefer, but it’s a great option for the whole family. You can also switch out the chicken for chickpeas or cauliflower if you prefer a veggie option.

If you’re looking for a chicken curry recipe to try, take a look at our chicken biryani recipe – perfect for a bit of indulgence!

There you have it, some low cost, nutritious and easy to cook mid-week meal ideas for the whole family!

For more information on the favourite family meals, take a look at our cost of living index.

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