3 energy efficient cooking appliances that could save you money

3 energy efficient cooking appliances that could save you money

In today’s energy-conscious climate, we all want to be more efficient when using any appliances – and the best place to begin is at home.

Kitchens are where most of our gadgets and appliances live, so if you’re hanging out in here, chances are, you’re spending money. So, what can we do to help reduce energy consumption and, importantly, reduce those energy bills?

Pop the kettle on and get ready for some of our favourite tips.

While the kettle’s boiling, did you know that choosing a kettle with Rapid Boil Zones can reduce energy usage significantly? Our Quiet Boil Kettle not only operates at 75% less noise* but can also help you save up to 70% energy** when boiling just one cup. 

When you think about how many times we click the kettle on, a small change can contribute to energy efficiency.

Air fryers have become a staple in the quest for energy-efficient cooking appliances. They can save up to 68% energy*** compared to a conventional oven. Because the cavity of an air fryer is much smaller than that of a conventional oven, you won’t use as much energy trying to heat it up. Additionally, the cooking process in an air fryer is often faster, adding to those energy savings.

Beyond their efficiency, air fryers are incredibly user-friendly and simple to clean, making them a great alternative to traditional ovens. Ideal for when you don’t want to heat up your entire kitchen, their compact size makes them suitable for smaller kitchens as well. If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient way to cook, an air fryer could be your perfect kitchen companion.

Energy-efficient slow cookers, like our Good to Go Multicooker, use a gentle and mild heating process, which minimises harm to vitamins and preserves more of the natural nutrients and taste. They use about a quarter of the power of the small ring on the average hob, saving up to 59% energy Vs a conventional oven.


These time-tested favourites also require minimal effort to prepare meals. Simply leave the food in the cooker, and it does the work over a few hours. Slow cookers are also great for preparing larger meals, as they can cook a large quantity of food at once, making them ideal for bulk cooking and time-saving in the kitchen.

Three-tier steamers are another excellent energy-saving appliance. They allow you to cook multiple dishes quickly and efficiently without having to juggle pots and pans over a stovetop. This cooking method is faster and uses less energy than oven cooking, helping you save on energy costs while preparing meals more quickly.

The three-tier steamer is also great for meals that require multiple layers of cooking, such as risotto or paella. You can place each layer in the steamer, allowing it to cook evenly without the need for constant stirring or flipping. The steam helps keep the food moist and locks in flavours, making it the perfect way to prepare delicious meals without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Understanding Energy Efficiency in Appliances

How can you tell if an appliance is energy efficient? In 2020, the UK introduced a new energy label to help consumers make better choices. The old energy ratings that used the scale A**** - G were replaced with a simpler A-G scale.

An ‘A-rated’ appliance indicates the highest energy efficiency rating. While a G-rated appliance will cost more to run in the long term. Therefore, choosing an ‘A-rated’ model could save you money and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

By investing in energy-efficient kitchen appliances like air fryers, slow cookers, and steamers, you’re not only reducing your energy bills but also contributing to a healthier planet. 

These appliances are designed to provide maximum efficiency and convenience, making them a smart addition to any kitchen.

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