Structure Collection

Looking for a premium kettle that’s striking in appearance and built to last? Then you’ll love the Structure collection. 

In statement black, classic white, and stylish grey, the Structure collection suits every home. And, with the choice between a 2-Slice or 4-Slice Toaster, you can accessorise your home with the perfect appliances for you.

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Structure Kettle

We know that mornings can be hectic, and the coffee needs to be ready when you are. That’s why the Structure Kettles have been designed to Boil One Cup in 45-Seconds*, meaning there’s always time to sit down and enjoy a hot drink before you leave the house.

*One cup is equal to 235ml

Structure 2-Slice Toaster

Want a sneak peek at how your bread is toasting? Then you’ll love the Lift and Look feature on the Structure Black 2 Slice Toaster. Simply lift, check on the colour and crunchiness, then place back down, all without breaking the toasting cycle.

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Structure 4-Slice Toaster

We know that everyone likes to enjoy their toast a little differently. That’s why the Structure Black 4 Slice Toaster has Dual Variable Browning Controls. Allowing independent operation on both slots, toast a light, golden slice on one side and a darker, bronzed slice on the other.