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Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts 4 Slice Toaster


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Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts 4 Slice Toaster

Two of the country’s best-loved household names, Russell Hobbs and Emma Bridgewater have collaborated to bring a touch of romance to the heart of your home with the Pink Hearts 4-slice toaster. This premium toaster complements Emma’s colourful pottery collection that features hand-drawn Pink Hearts, making each product feel different. It also has 48% faster toasting*, wider slots and a 2-slice option for smaller portions.


48% faster toasting*

Why wait for your toast when you can enjoy it 48% faster*? The technology inside the 4 slice Pink Hearts Toaster means you can enjoy your favourite breakfast or snack even if you’re in a rush. Wider slots allow for thicker slices of bread, tea cakes or crumpets giving you plenty of tasty toast options.

2-slice operation for smaller portions

We understand no-one wants to waste energy, so if you don’t need to use all four slots, this toaster has an independent 2 slice function. It’s perfect for smaller portions and means nothing goes to waste.

Frozen cancel and reheat functions

Toasting bread straight from the freezer is easier than ever – just press the toast from frozen button. If you want to stop the process there’s a cancel function to halt the cycle and you can even heat up slices you toasted earlier. Whether you prefer yours well-done or lightly golden, the 6 variable browning settings gives you complete toasting control.

  • Premium cream stainless steel toaster 
  • 4 slot design with Independent 2 slice operation
  • 48% faster toasting*
  • Frozen, cancel and reheat functions
  • Wide slots
  • 6 Variable browning controls
  • Removable crumb tray

 *when tested against Russell Hobbs Heritage Toaster – model 18369