Introducing the Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air Fryer Collection

Introducing the Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air Fryer Collection

Imagine enjoying the pure joy of 'deep fried' treats, without the deep fry guilt. Well now - yes you can!

For those that love fried food but hate the thought of all the oil and fat that comes with traditional frying, there is now a healthier way to enjoy the foods you love.

The Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air Fryer collection provides a healthier alternative to traditional frying, and with a wide range to choose from you can bet we have the Satisfry for you.

Whether you choose a small, large or multi-functional air fryer, you can benefit from up to seven cooking modes at the touch of a button. Even if you’re not a confident cook, the Satisfry Air Fryer has been designed to be super user-friendly. It heats up in minutes and cooks food faster than a traditional oven so could even help save energy costs over time. Its removable parts are all dishwasher-safe and easy to clean so we’re even saving you time and hassle when it comes to the washing up too! Perfect for main meals, quick snacks or feeding impromptu guests.

Air frying is a great alternative to traditional frying and when combined with other cooking methods such as grilling and steaming, air frying can form part of a healthier lifestyle.

How does an air fryer work?

Air Frying works by circulating hot air evenly around food – this is what gives it its moreish, crispy finish while locking in all the moisture and flavour. Because you don’t need to add the extra fat that’s required to fry in a more traditional way, this cooking method, as instructed, means you’ll consume fewer calories on your plate.

When heat is circulated around ingredients, it may work to help preserve certain nutrients that may be lost during other cooking processes such as roasting or deep frying. Delicate nutrients such as vitamin C and plant compounds known as polyphenols can be lost during prolonged cooking so air frying food helps to retain some of the good stuff that might otherwise be lost. 

Which Satisfry Air Fryer is Right for Me?

Each Russell Hobbs Air Fryer in the Satisfry Collection is designed with a whole host of pre-set cooking functions to take the guesswork out of rustling up a tasty snack or delicious dinner.

It means even less experienced cooks can create tasty food with confidence.

Choose between our small, medium, large, extra large and multicooker air fryers, depending on your needs and the size of your household. But rest assured, we’ve got an air fryer that’s just right for you.

Intimate dinner or family feast?

Using french fries as an example, our Small 1.8 litre Air Fryer has a 700g capacity with a portion recommended of 250-300g for the best browning results. 

Our large 5 litre Air fryer is great for families. It has a 2.1 kg capacity and can cook up to 600g of chips at one time. 

The Satisfry Air & Grill Multi Cooker has a 5.5 litre capacity, helping you to whip up 800g of perfectly browned French Fries.  Remember, your cooking times in any air fryer are faster than in a conventional oven, so while you don’t need to add extra oil or fat to your food, you could save time and energy too. 

Think about space

Consider how much countertop space you have available. Many air fryers can be stored inside a cupboard when they’re not in use to free up extra space, but they’re also designed to look attractive and modern if you want to keep yours on show.  

What can I cook in an air fryer?

Chips, steaks, fish, battered or breaded fillets, meat or plant-based burgers and sausages are ideal for air frying. Most vegetables such as sprouts, potatoes, courgettes, peppers and broccoli cook perfectly in an air fryer – any veg that can be roasted can be air fried with ease.  And, because you’re not using a prolonged cooking method, it helps food to retain essential nutrients.

Save time and money with energy efficient Air Fryers

Did you know that a Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air & Grill Multicooker uses up to 44% less energy than if you cooked the same food in a conventional oven? The Satisfry 1.8 litre Small Air Fryer saves up to a whopping 68% less energy compared to cooking the same food in a conventional oven. So, as well as saving energy, over time, you could save money on your energy bill too.

So, yes you can save using an energy efficient air fryer! And you’ll get your food from fresh to fork in less time too because food cooks faster in an air fryer. In tests, Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air & Grill Multicooker air fried food up to 70% faster* than one of our similar air fryers and up to 76% faster* than a conventional oven while cooking food from frozen, with no thaw required.

While many other air fryers simply use heat from the top, the Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air & Grill Multi Cooker circulates air temperatures up to 260°C from the top and bottom for even cooking and all-around searing. This means meat stays succulent, chicken stays juicy, and perfectly cooked chips have that enviable crunch on the outside.

So, when you can save so much in terms of time and energy, why not give your favourite air fryer from the Russell Hobbs Satisfry collection a try?


*vs Russell Hobbs 22101-56/22101 Air Fryer. 

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