Be Aware of Counterfeit Appliances

Counterfeit FAQ

What is a Counterfeit?

A counterfeit product is a fake product that is intended to deceive the consumer into believing they are buying a genuine product.

Unfortunately, like many iconic brands, our designs are targeted by criminals who are producing and selling counterfeit products to profit from our success.
The safety of our products is at the forefront of our manufacturing process. At Spectrum Brands UK, our products are designed to fully comply with safety regulations and regular batch testing is conducted on our shipments to ensure that the quality of our products remains at the expected high standards. Counterfeit products are not subjected to these safety tests and could pose a danger to the customer.

Social media, Websites and online Marketplaces have become popular outlets for branded goods. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of products that are purchased through these platforms. Do not be fooled into thinking a product is genuine just because the seller suggests it is.

The only way we can guarantee the authenticity of a product is by purchasing it directly from our website, or from an authorised retailer. If you are unsure if a seller is an authorised Russell Hobbs retailer, please contact us on using our Contact Us Form where we can offer further advice on this.

What is Russell Hobbs Doing to Combat Counterfeiting?

Russell Hobbs have invested considerable financial and human resources to the fight against counterfeit sellers and producers all over the world.

We take customer safety very seriously and have a Brand Protection department that is dedicated to protecting the Russell Hobbs brand and our customers.

We collaborate closely with the Police, Trading Standards and global Customs officers to protect customers and we will aim to investigate all information we receive about counterfeit products.

What is Russell Hobbs Doing to Combat Counterfeiting?

Counterfeit items are becoming more difficult to detect. Some signs to look out for are;

Product Quality

  • The product may feel lighter and less robust than the original.
  • The temperature of the product may not be stable or it may take longer to reach the desired temperature
  • The plug may have not be compatible with the country you are residing in, or there may be an adapter supplied


The quality of the packaging may feel poor compared to an original product box.

  • The language may differ.
  • There may be spelling mistakes.
  • Purchase The price may be cheaper than the original product – If its too good to be true, it probably is!
  • The website or retailer does not offer the standard warranty with the product

There are also other indicators to identify a counterfeit product, which we will be able to use once we have received an image of the item.

Report a Suspected Counterfeit

If you think you may have purchased a counterfeit item, then please let us know by completing the form below.  Please include as much information as possible to help us with our enquiries. Once we have received your form, we may be in touch to request further information from you. This may include;

  • Proof of purchase
  • Images of the product, including the packaging and any documents that arrived with the product.

All information will be reviewed and managed discreetly and professionally
Your identity will not be shown to any law enforcement agencies or to the seller/business that you are reporting. Your personal data will not be passed to any other parties without explicit consent and will not be used for any other purposes other than to contact you about your report.