We get life tips and tricks

We get life tips and tricks

25 January 2022

We know we can't make those daily chores disappear - we're not miracle workers after all. But we have got a few handy hacks up our sleeve to give you a helping and, so you can spend more time living life.

Tidy up your toaster

Did you know that every Russell Hobbs toaster has a removable crumb tray? 

If you’ve been tipping your toaster over the bin, stop. They’re at the base of your toaster and slide out for easy emptying and cleaning. If you’re giving your toaster a tidy, take a look at the chrome ‘top shield’ – this is the metal bit around the slots. Over time it can become discoloured but a bit of baking soda on a clean, damp cloth will get it gleaming again in no time. Just unplug it, lay it on its side to prevent baking soda getting inside the appliance and rub in. Then, just wipe off and you’re all done. Your toaster should look as good as new.

Cleaning your blender

Whether you’re a keen cook or an enthusiastic beginner, a blender is a must-have in any kitchen. If you love making homemade sauces, soups, salsas and smoothies you’d probably be lost without it. So, if you want to use it again and again, and can’t wait for it to be washed with the rest of the pots and pans, just give the jug a quick wipe round with some kitchen roll, fill it with a pint of warm water, add a couple of drops of dish soap and set it to ‘blend’ for 30 seconds. When the cycle’s finished, rinse out under the tap, getting rid of any excess soap, and, once dry, your blender is ready to use again in no time!

Teatime tips

Have you ever reached for a cup or mug from your kitchen cupboard only to notice tea and coffee stains inside it – even when it’s been washed? Stains and rings inside your favourite cups and mugs can be annoying and embarrassing, especially when you’re trying your best to impress. But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect hack to get rid of them. Just squirt in some dish soap, add some bicarbonate of soda and scrub with a rough sponge. Rinse thoroughly and, once dry, the inside of your mug should be reassuringly stain-free.

Cleaning your coffee machine

Coffee Machines can begin to stain and smell of old coffee grains after a while, but we’ve found a great way to keep your Russell Hobbs coffee maker in great condition. Once emptied of all coffee, fill the coffee maker’s reservoir with equal parts white vinegar and water, and place a paper filter into the machine's empty basket. With the pot in place, ‘brew’ the solution halfway. Turn off the machine, and let it stand for half an hour. Then, finish the brewing cycle, and empty away the white vinegar solution. Vinegar can be quite strong so rinse everything thoroughly by brewing a full pot of clean water – twice – before using it again.

Keeping your stainless-steel appliances streak free

Stainless-steel looks striking when it’s brand new and gleaming in the light of your kitchen, but after a while it is prone to being water-stained or marked by stubborn food spills and, despite the promises of its name, stainless-steel can begin to look a bit dull. Simply by wiping over with a little food-safe baby oil on a clean dry cloth or kitchen roll after you’ve cleaned, you’ll keep your stainless-steel surfaces free from marks. A good quality vegetable oil works just as well too. Just work it in along the grain of the steel and buff to an enviable shine using a separate dry cloth.

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