The handy appliance keeping your pet essentials clean

The handy appliance keeping your pet essentials clean

25 January 2022

If yours is one of the 3 million* UK households that adopted a furry friend at the start of the pandemic, you’ve probably found yourself with more things to clean – their bed, crate, carrier, even your sofa. Wouldn’t life be easier if you had one device to clean it all? Well you may already have one. At Russell Hobbs we love an appliance that has several tricks up its sleeve and the Steam Genie is just one of them.

kills up to 99.9% bacteria in up to 60 seconds**

When it’s not busy taking creases out of clothes on the hanger, or reviving dry-clean only items, its talents can be used to help keep your pet’s essentials clean and tidy!

If you have a dog or a cat, you’ll understand that their hair can get everywhere. It’ll be on your sofas; cushions, carpets and their bed will be full of it. The Steam Genie’s lint attachment can loosen, lift and dislodge hair from all of the surfaces your pets use, leaving their favourite fabrics free from fluff and fur.

The lightweight Steam Genie effectively steam cleans hard surfaces such as your pet’s crate or carrier and a blast of steam on their toys will not only leave everything clean and fresh but also kills up to 99.9% bacteria in up to 60 seconds** reducing the chance of harmful germs remaining on surfaces. Once filled up and switched on it’ll be full steam ahead in just 45 seconds and a tank will give you uninterrupted cleaning or decreasing power for up to 11 minutes.

Because the Steam Genie can be used with confidence on a range of fabrics and materials safely and quickly, it’s an invaluable tool. So, next time you’re smoothing out the sheets on your bed or freshening up your favourite outfit on its hanger why not keep your Steam Genie in your hand and give your pet’s bed the steam treatment too.


The results will be paw-fect!


*According to Pet Food Manufactuers’ Association

**2 types of bacteria on 3 surfaces. Laboratory tested. See website for more details

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