The benefits of sandwich makers

The benefits of sandwich makers

15 August 2022

Cramming in the good stuff! What’s not to love about sandwich makers?

While we’ve perfected toast and excelled at brew-making, we also love a lunchtime sandwich. Whether your ‘go to’ sandwich has a popular filling like ham or cheese – or one that’s unique to you (strawberry jam with tuna, anyone?), we’ll help you to make delicious toasties with no need to heat the grill.


Easy to use, with no fuss...

A sandwich maker is easy to use, just switch it on and it heats up in seconds. Ergonomically designed non-stick plates can be wiped clean after every use so they’re ready for your next round of tasty toasties. Some models even have removable plates so you can pop them in the dishwasher or soak in the sink for speedy easy cleaning. Because they’re so easy to store, sandwich makers are great if you don’t have much space to spare. Did you know they can be stored vertically so you can simply tuck yours away between cupboards to keep your countertop clear when it’s not in use.

Our Top 5 Toasties

1.      Cheese and ham - don’t forget to add a little mustard on the ham to give it a delicious kick!

2.      Hot tuna - mix a little mayonnaise with tomato ketchup and combine with the tuna. A spoonful of sweetcorn gives it a lovely crunch.

3.      Banana and Peanut butter – perfect for when you need an energy boost

4.      Cheese and tomato – spread a little tomato puree onto the bread, add a pinch of mixed herbs or fresh basil and enjoy a pizza-flavoured toastie

5.      Chicken and mayonnaise – don’t forget to add a pinch of salt and lots of white pepper

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