Impressive Ironing Hacks

Impressive Ironing Hacks

25 January 2022

Cleaning the Soleplate

Keeping your iron’s soleplate nice and clean isn’t just good for your iron, it’s good for fabrics too. Any marks or scale that builds up can transfer onto whatever you’re ironing – and can be difficult to remove.

Cleaning the Iron soleplate with a little baking soda and water creates an abrasive paste, which, if rubbed gently onto the soleplate with a towel or soft brush, will lift off any limescale.

We recommend irons with a ceramic soleplate that help reduce the build-up of limescale.Our Light & Easy Brights range has a selection of colourful ceramic soleplates with 50% smoother glide* to help you power through the ironing with ease – no sticking or snags to slow you down.

Each ceramic soleplate is infused with colour protecting fabric conditioner that is released into the laundry when the iron heats up. This softening effect helps to eliminate wrinkles and keeps them crease-free for longer.

 *VS RH standard ceramic

Steam away the freeze

No-one enjoys de-frosting the freezer, mainly because it can take so long. But did you know that our Steam Genie can speed up the de-frost making your fridge and freezer easier to clean. The Steam Genie is ideal for getting creases out of clothing on the hanger and is perfect for freshening up dry-clean only outfits.

And, when it’s not reviving fabrics, it can be useful in other ways. The steam can melt frozen-solid ice in a fraction of the time it’d take to de-frost at room temperature. You won’t have to chip at it either so there’s no danger of you damaging the inside of your appliance. Steam eliminates germs and helps loosen dirt from the hard-to-reach parts of your fridge and freezer leaving it deep-clean.

Simply empty the content of your freezer, place a towel at the bottom of it to absorb the water as it melts, point your steamer at the ice and pull the trigger.

So, when you combine a wealth of handy hacks with the technology inside many of our products, Russell Hobbs really is dedicated to making your life easier.

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