Air fryers - what are the benefits?

Air fryers - what are the benefits?

9 March 2023

As the nights draw in, we all become more tempted to cheer ourselves up with indulgent dishes. So, if you love the comforting taste of fried food but are concerned about the extra calories that come from cooking with fat and oil, here’s some good news. The Russell Hobbs Satisfry Collection could help you to enjoy a whole host of food, ‘fried’ using just hot air, with little to no oil required.

Are air fryers a healthier alternative to other ways of cooking?

Because little, or no oil is required when you air fry, you’ll consume less calories on the plate. Food is heated by intense circulating air which may help to preserve certain nutrients that can be lost during other cooking processes.

Food such as chips, are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Delicately flavoured foods such as fish loses none of its delicious taste in an air fryer, and steaks and burgers are succulent and juicy – just how you like them.

Photo of some very tasty foodPhoto of some very tasty food

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Are air fryers cheaper to run than a conventional oven?

Once you start using an air fryer, you'll notice the speedy cooking times. Using an air fryer is time saving and most importantly, energy efficient! Our Satisfry collection can save up to 68% energy* compared to a conventional oven. So, the next time you turn the oven on to heat up, just think how quickly and easily you could prepare that same meal using an air fryer.

The Satisfry range also has an intuitive design, meaning each one is easy to use allowing you to set it to the time and cooking function you require at the touch of a button. Pre-set functions mean you don’t have to think too much about how to cook your food - so even if you’re not a confident cook, an air fryer will make everything taste just right.

Once the cooking is over, it's so easy to clean your air fryer, a dishwasher safe** removable crisping plate and air fryer basket. We think air fryers make lunch, dinner and snack times easier than ever and they could help you reduce your calorie intake overall because you won’t need to add fat or oil. What’s not to love? 

*Percentage varies on air fryer capacity; see website for individual product details.

**Tested on 100 dishwasher cycles

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