5 ways to reduce food waste at home

5 ways to reduce food waste at home

Reducing food waste at home is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. With the right kitchen appliances, like those from Russell Hobbs, you can extend the shelf life of your ingredients and transform them into delicious meals. 

Here's how to save food from the bin creatively:

1. The Smoothie Maker

When whole fruits start to overripen, they're perfect for smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to ensure you get some of your 5-a-day, and the Russell Hobbs Desire Jug Blender makes it easy to whip up a nutritious drink. Combine your ageing fruit with yoghurt, honey, peanut butter, oats, and ice for a refreshing smoothie. This blender also excels in creating sauces and dips, helping you make best use of those ageing chilies, garlic cloves, and tomatoes.

Top Tip

Overripe bananas? Peel, wrap and freeze them. Frozen fruit is great in cold smoothies and shakes. It's a brilliant way to avoid waste and always have ingredients ready for a quick, healthy drink. You can also freeze your days-old strawberries, blueberries and pineapples. Frozen fruit is handy to have as it's perfect in ice-cold smoothies, milkshakes or cocktails.

2. The Effortless Blender

There's nothing more appealing on a cold winter's day than a steaming bowl of delicious homemade soup. Transform wilting vegetables into comforting homemade soup with the Russell Hobbs Blade Boost Blender. Broccoli and Stilton, French Onion, and Creamy Mushroom soups are delicious and a great way to use veggies. Plus, you can freeze any leftovers for future meals.

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Did you know that homemade vegetable soup provides you with a powerhouse of goodness? Because the soup-making process is so quick, a lot of nutrients in vegetables are preserved. Prepare your soup in the morning and reheat it for a tasty alternative to a midday sandwich.

3. The Mini Chopper

Sometimes, the thought of preparing and chopping ingredients puts you off making a nutritious meal at the end of a long day. Isn't it easier to open a tin or warm up a ready meal? Stop! The Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper simplifies meal prep. Quickly chop onions, garlic, nuts, and more, and prepare fresh ingredients for a variety of dishes, including patés and houmous. The 70w powered universal blade enables you to tackle everything with minimum time and effort. The 500ml capacity is plenty for most of your chopping needs, and it's also perfect for preparing homemade baby food too.

Top Tip

 Stale bread? Turn it into croutons for salads and soups instead of throwing it away.

4. Multicookers & Slow Cookers

A Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker or Multicooker is ideal for making hearty meals like chillis and stews. These handy appliances are perfect for creating delicious dishes with ingredients that might otherwise go to waste. Russell Hobbs has an incredible selection of versatile cookers designed with multiple functions to simplify your busy life. Whether it's making perfect porridge from the last bit of milk or whipping up a delicious one-pot meal, there's not much these appliances can't do.

Top Tip

Plan your meals weekly and create shopping lists. This helps you buy only what you need, saving time and money and reducing food waste.

5. Your freezer is your friend

Your freezer is a great tool for reducing food waste. Freeze chopped chilies, onions, garlic, and herbs in ice cube trays for easy use in future recipes. Batch cooking and freezing meals are also excellent for those days when you don't feel like cooking.

Bread is the second most wasted food in the UK, with 24 million slices wasted per year, and the fourth most wasted food in the world (100 million tonnes!). Thankfully, there is something we can all do to help save some bread from going to waste. All our Russell Hobbs toasters have a ‘defrost’ setting, so you can pick your slices from the freezer and put them straight into your toaster.

Top Tip

Use leftover herbs and spices to make flavour cubes. You can also freeze homemade vegetable stock and other sauces so that they're ready and prepared just when you need them, with not a bit of waste in sight.

By incorporating these five creative ways to reduce food waste at home, you save money and time and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Give them a try today.

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