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Over the decades, Russell Hobbs has been at the forefront of quenching our national thirst for hot beverages with fast, easy to use, stylish electric Kettles. During this time Russell Hobbs can lay claim to many clever innovations – the first cordless Kettle, the first base with 360 degree rotation, the first rapid boil Kettle, the first ever Kettle to automatically switch off after water has boiled, and so on. For over 50 years Russell Hobbs has been at the heart of the Great British Cuppa and remains the leading Kettle brand in Britain with a vast range of Kettles to suit every pocket and taste.

  • Glass Kettles
    For those looking to add a hint of contemporary style to their kitchen we have a range of glass kettles from black glass to illuminating kettles. The durable but sleek designs will make a welcome addition to any kitchen worktop.
  • Polished Steel Kettles

    Our Polished Steel Kettles will make a stylish statement on any kitchen worktop.

  • Brushed Steel Kettles
    For that contemporary look in the kitchen a brushed steel kettle is the perfect choice. Our range of steel kettles offer durable but sleek designs and will make a welcome addition to any kitchen worktop.
  • White Kettles
    Our collection of white kettles offer a combination of quality and understated elegance. These plastic kettles are a perfect fit for a classic kitchen whilst offering great value for money and durability.
  • Black Kettles
    Our range of striking black kettles offer a contemporary feel for a modern home. Ranging from black plastic to black stainless steel you can find the ideal kettle to suit your needs and style.
  • Other Colours
    Russell Hobbs understand the importance of personal style, that's why we have a range of on trend coloured kettles to match your kitchen including red and cream kettles which prove most popular.
  • Brita Filter Kettles
    Cleaner, clearer filtered water makes hot drinks smell, taste and even look better. Our range of Brita filter kettles are perfect for those who live in a hard water areas and for those serious about tea and coffee.
  • Twin Packs
    Our matching kettle and toaster twin packs will ensure your kitchen looks stylish and coordinated whilst offering great value for money.