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RRP: £99.99
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Just one appliance cooks the lot. The amazing Russell Hobbs MultiCooker is a compact device with a 5-litre capacity that caters for all of your family’s tastes, quickly and simply.

The MultiCooker can be set to cook a range of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It can be used to bake cakes, create fluffy rice and even make yoghurt. It has 11 functions so it can be used for almost any recipe and with a 5-lite capacity it can make enough meals to feed the family.

It also has a keep warm function so if you’re not quite ready for dinner, it will keep your meals warm without drying out your food. It has an anti-condensation lid cover and an easy to clean stainless steel housing that also looks great when it’s out on display.

  • 11 Versatile Functions
    11 Versatile Functions
    For every meal of the day; Rice, Slow cook, Meat, Fish, Stew, Soup, Steam, Yoghurt, Porridge, Bread/Cake.
  • Large Capacity
    Large Capacity
    With 900W of power and an extra-large 5 litre capacity, removable cooking pot with easy to clean non-stick coating.
  • 5L capacity MultiCooker
  • 900W
  • Large LED display with 24 hour pre-set timer
  • Easy to clean, non-stick coated cooking pot
  • Choice of 11 programmes (Rice, Slow Cook, Stew, Meat, Fish, Soup, Steam, Yoghurt, Porridge, Bread/ Cake)
  • Keep warm function
  • Anti-condensation lid cover
  • Stainless Steel trim in body
  • Additional items - Basket, Measuring Cup, Spatula
  • 5L bowl
  • 900W
  • 11 Cooking programmes
  • Digital controls
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts