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RRP: £199.99

If you want a healthier, tastier way to make the meals your family loves without deep fat frying, Purifry Multi could be the answer. It uses innovative technology to harness the cooking power of pure, fast-circulating air to cook your family’s favourites without using oil or fat. The coatings are still crispy and the taste will speak for itself.

The Purifry Multi is quick and easy to use. Unlike traditional fat fryers, there’s no oil to heat so cooking time is reduced. Its halogen element means heat-up time is instant, the heat cooks food more evenly and cooking times are faster.

As well as using less fat, the vapours and odours of fried food are reduced so all you enjoy is the tempting aroma of delicious cooked food. It has a viewing window so you can see how your food is cooking too.

  • Versatile Health Fryer
    Versatile Health Fryer
    Purifry is suitable for cooking chips, meat, fish, vegetables, even baking cakes and much more! The basket separator enables you to cook two types of food at once.
  • Oil-free Frying
    Oil-free Frying
    With no oil or fat required, meals are made healthier with fewer added calories. It means no oil to dispose of too!
  • Rapid hot air circulation system
  • Multi-functional: air frying, roasting, baking, grilling
  • Extra large 3 litre capacity
  • Drop down door with large viewing window
  • 60 minute timer with automatic shut-off
  • Adjustable temperature up to 220°C
  • Power cord winder at the rear
  • Stainless steel decorative panel
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Includes frying basket with handle, baking tray, grill rack, toast rack
  • Healthy, versatile Purifry Multi
  • Suitable for grilling
  • XL 3 litre capacity
  • 2 Years Guarantee
  • 60 Minutes Timer