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These days most of us at some point like to eat healthier, improve our cooking, experiment, entertain or impress friends and family. And let’s face it, you just can’t beat good old home cooking when it’s done well. We know that not everyone is an accomplished chef or cook, or has the time to spend hours preparing food beforehand. That’s why we have a whole range of appliances that take the labour out of preparing food yet retains the fun and sense of achievement in preparing your favourite dish.

From that homely smell of freshly baked bread to a lovingly prepared casserole, for those seeking to eat healthier or those just looking indulge in great British favourites such as home made chips, we at Russell Hobbs think we have an appliance for virtually any food type or occasion. Designed and developed with ease of use, practicality, cleanability and enjoyment in mind, check out our range here and look out for some great online offers.

  • Food Steamers

    Our Food Steamers are functional and practical and offer a healthier alternative to conventional cooking methods. This multi-functional appliance can be used as a rice steamer or to cook steamed vegetables or fish.

  • Slow Cookers

    Our range of slow cookers provide cooking convenience in one pot, perfect for stews and casseroles and available in a range of sizes and colours.  Now with our digital slow cookers you can prepare a meal to be ready at your convenience with ease. 

  • Sandwich Makers

    Lunch has never been so easy, prepare a delicious toasted sandwich or panini quickly and easily with a panini press or a sandwich & toastie maker.

  • Breadmakers

    There’s nothing nicer than the aroma of freshly cooked bread at home, indulge in your own home made bread with our collection of breadmakers. Our digital breadmakers which include a timer now make it even more convenient to cook fresh bread at home.

  • Deep Fryers

    Our deep fat fryers are ideal for cooking traditional family favourites i.e. those perfectly crisp chips whilst our health fryers are perfect for those who are looking to eat the same foods with last fat. 

  • Mini Ovens / Hobs

    We’ve got convenience cooking covered with our range of mini hobbs, mini kitchens and halogen ovens. Their compact size makes them perfect for smaller homes and they're even economically friendly compared to large appliances.

  • Microwaves
    Explore our range of microwaves and choose from a range of colours and sizes to suit any kitchen. Our microwaves are packed full of features to make things easier when it comes to microwave cooking.