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For over 50 years now Russell Hobbs has been providing kitchen appliances to millions of homes in Great Britain. With a number of industry firsts and a reputation for style and design tailored to the British customer, we have stuck to our heritage and values when looking to make life easier in the home and kitchen. Since the launch of our first ever product way back in 1952, we have become and remained the UK’s leading brand for small kitchen appliances.

Down the years’ we have been synonymous with innovation and style for the British home and kitchen. From kettles to ironstoasters to cookware, Russell Hobbs prides itself on understanding the UK consumer and in striving to exceed expectations.

  • Kettles

    The perfect cup of tea starts with the kettle. Russell Hobbs have a wide range of quality kettles from coloured kettles to match your kitchen to glass kettles for a those looking to add a modern touch.

  • Coffee Machines

      Russell Hobbs have a number of coffee machines designed to suit all of your coffee needs

  • Toasters

    Finding the perfect toaster is a quest we fully understand. Our range of toasters includes; coloured toasters to suit your style, glass toasters for a contemporary feel and both brushed and polished stainless steel for the modern home.

  • Cooking & Baking

    At Russell Hobbs we have appliances for virtually any food type or occasion. Designed and developed with ease of use, practicality, cleanability and enjoyment in mind, check out our range here and look out for some great online offers.

  • Food Preparation

    Russell Hobbs offer a wide range of food prep appliances from blenders, hand mixers and choppers for making daily tasks simple to food processors and juicers for those who take cooking seriously.

  • Irons

    Russell Hobbs has a great range of Irons with a host of unique features to make ironing less of a chore. From steam Irons to steam generators, click here to choose the right Iron for you.

  • Steam Mops
    Light and easy to use, steam mops are an essential tool for keeping your house clean. Steam mops will help you kill bacteria and germs without the use of harsh chemicals and we sell replacement cloths for when you run out!