Waverley Red Kettle


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Waverley Red Kettle

Life is about experiencing new journeys and what better way to start than with the Waverley Red Kettle. With a sleek red stainless steel body against a bold black, this kettle can make a style statement – and it makes a pretty good brew too. Whether you’re exploring a new place or preparing for your first day at a new job, there’s no better way to start your day than with a freshly made coffee or tea. Whether you’re filling up your hot water bottle one minute to adding some hot water to your porridge the next, every boil of your kettle is effortless. Make an impression in your kitchen with the Waverley Red Kettle.


• Polished red stainless steel kettle

• Boils 1 cup in just over 45 seconds* when used on rapid boil zone

• Save up to 66% energy**

• Rapid boil zone for 1/2/3/ cup volume 

• 360 ° base with cord storage

• Perfect pour spout

• 1.7L capacity

• Removable, washable filter 

• 3000w


Perfect Pour

Perfect Pour

Save Up To 66% Energy

Save Up To 66% Energy

*one cup is equal to 235ml of water**boiling 1 cup [235ml] vs 1 litre