Retro Arctic White 4 Slice Toaster


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About Retro Arctic White 4 Slice Toaster

Get that timeless feel with the Retro Arctic White 4 Slice Toaster from Russell Hobbs, this toaster is sure to compliment any home’s design.

Do you want to embrace the Retro theme? Treat yourself to the matching Retro Kettle to complete the look.

Fast Toasting

Save time with Faster Toasting technology and get your toast up to 65% quicker! You’ll also to able to see how long you have until your toast is ready with the fitted retro dial.

Lift and Look

You don’t have to pop your toast up and start the timer all over again to see how it’s getting on, just use the level to check your bread without cancelling the cycle.

Four or Two?

The stainless steel Retro toaster comes with two lots of independent two slice operations, meaning you can do two slices, four slices, or two lots for two different times and satisfy everyone.

Variable Browning Control

Variable browning control for different levels of toasting so you can create toast to suit every taste.

The toaster also has a built in cancel, frozen and reheat functionality for those forgotten or frozen slices of bread. As well as a pull open crumb tray to save mess and improve cleanliness, providing hassle free cleaning.


  • Fast Toasting Technology
  • Lift and Look Feature
  • Independent Two Slice Operations
  • Variable Browning Control
  • Built in Cancel, Frozen and Reheat Functionality
  • Crumb Tray
  • Bread Centring Guides


Faster Toasting Technology

Faster Toasting Technology

From Frozen

From Frozen

Lift & Look

Lift & Look