Maxicook 14 Cup Rice Cooker


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Maxicook 14 Cup Rice Cooker

Rice so nice, you’ll want to cook it time and time again. Our Maxicook 14 cup rice cooker produces perfectly fluffy grains that you’ll be proud to serve.

Perfect Results

Cooking rice in a pan can produce varied results. Mushy, sticky or dry - it can be difficult to get right. Whether you’re making a simple rice side dish for dinner, or batch cooking for a bigger party, our Maxicook 14 cup rice cooker makes it so incredibly simple, so all you’re left to do is look forward to your meal.

5L (volume) Bowl

Our rice cooker has a massive 5 litre volume bowl, that can cook up to 14 cups of rice. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll enjoy consistent results every time. It’s a rice cooker that’s just as at home in the family kitchen, as it would be catering for larger parties. And the best thing about it all? No matter how much rice you’re cooking, it’ll do all of the hard work for you.

User-Friendly Design

Designed for everyday use, the rice cooker is easy to clean and care for. The non-stick coated bowl is dishwasher safe. A spatula and measuring cup are included, for optimal measuring and cooking with each use. To start cooking, simply press the switch on the front, and it will flick back up when complete. The dual lights indicate when the rice is ‘cooking’ or in ‘keep warm’ stage. The glass lid means you won’t have to lift the lid and lose cooker heat to check on progress.

Auto Keep Warm Function

Keeping rice at the correct warm temperature is essential for food hygiene purposes. Once rice has finished cooking, it will automatically enter into ‘keep warm’ mode, in which the rice cooker will maintain a sufficient heat to keep rice temperature as it needs to be.


  • 5L (volume) bowl - up to 14 cups of rice
  • Accessories: Spatula, rice basket, measuring cup
  • Glass lid and non-stick bowl
  • Auto keep warm function