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About Elegance Coffee Maker

Do you sometimes wake up and wish your coffee could be made for you? Well, now with the Elegance Coffee Machine it can. Its handy programmable timer means you can set it up the night before to brew up freshly prepared coffee for the moment you wake up. Just wander downstairs and be greeted by a carafe of coffee worth getting out of bed for.

Best of all, not only does its smart and stylish design scream sophistication, but it’s also incredibly speedy and we know you don’t always have time to wait around for a great tasting refreshment. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up before work or the school run, our faster brewing technology reaches optimum brewing temperature in less than one minute meaning it’s designed to fit in with even the most demanding lifestyles.

With an impressive 1.25l carafe capacity, this machine is also ideal for entertaining- perfect for when you have the whole family round! We know it’s never fun being the one sent to the kitchen with a tray of ten cups, but with this large carafe you can leave it brewing enough for the whole family, without missing out on any of the conversation.


Red Dot 2018 Product Design Award

As we are one of Europe's leading small electrical appliance brands, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious Red Dot 2018 Product Design Award for our Elegance Breakfast Collection. The Red Dot Award is a coveted prize, which has been awarded by the world-renowned Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany since 1955 is known as the industrial design “Oscar."

Up To 20% Faster*

With a twin heater system and 1600W, this stunning addition to your kitchen appliance collection reaches optimum temperature much faster, filling the carafe with quality coffee in less than 6 minutes.

• Stylish design in brushed stainless steel and glass
• 1.25 litre/10 cup carafe capacity
• 24 hour digital programmable timer
• Improved coffee extraction and faster brew*
• Anti-drip and auto-clean features
• Washable filter holder
• Safety auto shut-off

Advanced Brewing System

Advanced Brewing System

Advanced Brewing System

Advanced Brewing System

Advanced Brewing System

Advanced Brewing System

Up to 20% faster brewing

Up To 20% Faster Brewing

Improved coffee extraction*

Improved Coffee Extraction*

2 year guarantee +1

2 Year Guarantee +1

*Vs. Russell Hobbs Coffee maker model no. 19650-56