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Easy Fill Iron


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Easy Fill Iron

The Russell Hobbs Easy Fill Iron is, as its name suggests, designed to make ironing easy. It can be filled and ready to use in under 5 seconds, and thanks to its 50%* smoother glide ceramic soleplate, the Easy Fill Iron tackles wrinkles with ease. With a powerful 150g shot of steam, 50g continuous steam, anti-drip, self-clean and anti-calc functions, your pesky ironing piles will be back in your wardrobe before you know it!


Fill up faster – iron for longer

Why stop to fill up the tank every five minutes? The Easy Fill’s generous 320ml water tank has a unique faster fill feature and can be topped up in under 5 seconds. It also comes with a host of powerful and practical features to help you glide through even the most daunting laundry piles.

50%* smoother soleplate for effortless ironing

We’ve all struggled with deep-set creases in fabric such as denim or linen. The Easy Fill Iron’s smooth glide ceramic soleplate takes on these challenges with ease and speed, and without the frustration of clothes sticking to the soleplate even on a high heat setting.

Glide through stubborn creases

Its 50%* smoother ceramic soleplate gives all of your laundry a non-stick ironing experience, gently smoothing the creases in both delicate and more robust fabrics. It gives you a powerful 150g shot of steam and 50g continuous steam on a single fill.

  • Ceramic soleplate for a 50% smoother glide*
  • Easy Fill 320ml water tank
  • 150g steam shot
  • 50g continuous steam
  • Auto-shut off function
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Self-clean and anti-calc feature
  • Easy to store 3m Power Cord
60 Day Guarantee

60 Day Guarantee

Fills in under 5 seconds

Fills in under 5 seconds

50% Smoother Glide

50% Smoother Glide

*vs. Russell Hobbs standard ceramic