Legacy Collection

Steeped in our history, the Legacy Collection is the culmination of modern technology and statement design. Add a splash of colour to your kitchen counter and invite your family and friends round for a much needed get together.

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Legacy Quiet Boil Kettle

The Legacy Cream Kettle embraces latest technology and statement design into one. With a quiet boil feature you will barely notice that the kettle is on, allowing the conversation to continue until the round is ready to be poured. 

Legacy 4 Slice Toaster

If you don’t like to wait around for your bread to toast, you’ll love the Legacy Cream 4 Slice Toaster’s 48%* faster toasting capability. It means you can enjoy toast just how you like it, a bit quicker – great if you’re in a hurry or you need to make several slices. Its wider slots mean it’s capable of toasting thicker slices as well as a variety of buns.


*when toasting against Russell Hobbs Cottage toaster 18260-56

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