Why Do I Need a Clothes Steamer?

Why Do I Need a Clothes Steamer?

25 August 2021

What are Clothes Steamers?

A clothes steamer is an appliance that lets you remove creases and refresh your fabrics, in a fast and easy way. They aren’t designed to replace irons, but they’re vital for removing wrinkles in delicate or complex clothing items or steam cleaning curtains and furniture fabrics.

Why might they be better suited for your lifestyle than Irons?

Clothes steamers are designed to be convenient for a variety of reasons, including space, skill and use on the go.


If you’re lacking in space, then the benefit of a steamer is that you don’t need an ironing board to hand, you can remove the creases in your clothes using just your steamer.

Less skill

If you struggle to master the art of ironing but need a crisp, crease-free shirt for an interview, that’s when a steamer is handy. You simply plug in your steamer, point it at the garment and watch the creases fall away.

On the go

Whether you’re in a hotel room on holiday, or staying over at a friend’s house, you can keep your clothes fresh and crease-free on the go.

Better for Delicate Fabrics and Materials

The clothes steamer is invaluable when it comes to smoothing away creases in your delicate items. It’s perfect for tackling fabrics like silk, cashmere and wool that cannot withstand the intense heat of an iron.

“the steamer really is much quicker than ironing.”


Clothes steamers are perfect for if you’re short on time. Whether you need to quickly tackle the creases in a dress or give your curtains a refresh before your guests arrive – the steamer really is much quicker than ironing.

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