Why De-scale Your Kettle?

Why De-scale Your Kettle?

25 January 2022

We can't make chores disappear. But we can make getting them done a little bit easier. One chore that sometimes gets put off is removing limescale from your kettle. It may go unnoticed when it’s on the inside, but you’ll know it’s there when it appears where steam is released around the spout. The sooner you remove it the easier it is, so here are our top three hacks for keeping your kettle limescale-free.

1.      What should I use to de-scale my kettle?

A white wine vinegar and cold-water mix will remove limescale but remember, it will leave quite a strong smell in the house. You can use lemon with water – you need to combine this and boil it inside the kettle. Or, you can use a Russell Hobbs de-scaler. It won’t leave behind a pungent aroma or a lemony taste and it’ll zap every scrap of limescale safely and effectively.

2.      So how does de-scaling work?

It’s quite easy really. Simply place your solution in the kettle and, depending on your chosen solution, either boil (lemons) or leave overnight (white wine vinegar). Finally, empty and re-fill with water, boil and pour away.

3.      How do I get my kettle looking like new?

If you need to de-scale the inside of your kettle, chances are you’ve spotted it on the outside first. Simply use your chosen solutions to clean the spout, lid, or any other external areas where you can see limescale building up. A Russell Hobbs de-scaling solution works well because it won’t leave a smell behind and of course, the lemon can’t be boiled on the outside of the kettle so you might need to add a bit of elbow grease.

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