The nation’s favourite Christmas breakfast

There’s no feeling that matches the excitement of Christmas morning, with the anticipation of present unwrapping, cracker pulling and all the day’s festivities ahead. But for such a special day we need an extra special breakfast. Here at Russell Hobbs we wanted to find out what was the nations all-time favourite Christmas breakfast. Our competition was designed to ask you, the nation, just that! And here’s what we found.

Something sweet

One our favourite breakfast suggestions was from Colette Mellor, whose perfect Christmas breakfast is festive pancakes. These look absolutely delicious and aren’t too tricky to make. Here’s how to make your own festive pancakes.

You will need:

-          4oz plain flour

-          One egg

-          Half pint of milk

-          Cranberries and raisins

Whisk together the flour, egg and milk, then add the dried fruit. Pour a cupful of the mixture into an oiled pan and toss and turn until golden. Serve with a dash of brandy cream for the perfect Christmas treat.

Collette said she’ll be sharing her Christmas breakfast with her family and maybe even Father Christmas, as he will be in need of some good food after a busy night’s work!

Something savoury

A popular choice of breakfast on this festive holiday is a Full English. A lot of you told us that you will be having the complete works, with a fry up of eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, hash browns etc. With a busy day of visiting family and Christmas activities you wouldn’t want your stomach rumbling.

Another breakfast favourite we found was smoked salmon. Whether it’s with scrambled egg or on a bagel with cream cheese, you guys can’t get enough of this delicious fish on a Christmas morning. Mervyn Drew told us “The best, as always, is scrambled egg with smoked salmon and lovely buttered toasted muffins, shared with my lovely wife of 38 years.”

Don’t forget the bubbles

A Christmas breakfast essential seems to be Bucks Fizz. This fizzy, fruity drink was the top choice for the perfect Christmas breakfast. Many of you also enjoy a champagne breakfast or simply a nice cup of tea. Lorraine Cooper even wrote us a poem to describe her ideal Christmas breakfast.

“A glass of juice for the kids

As certain as certain is

But to give a smile to the big kids

We add bubbles to make Bucks Fizz!”

Christmas memories

We also asked you who you like to spend this special meal with and what your fondest Christmas breakfast memories are, and we got some fantastic responses!  A popular choice is the luxury of breakfast in bed with your partner. Most of you enjoy spending the meal with your family and loved ones. However, Louise Wong reminded us that Christmas isn’t all about presents and Buck’s Fizz. She said that her best Christmas memory is when she helped out at Crisis the Homeless Charity and spent some time ‘giving’ instead of receiving.

We at Russell Hobbs hope you have a fantastic Christmas full of festive delights!

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December 20th, 2012 at 14:38

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