Hovis and Russell Hobbs Competition

Toast has been a vital part of the British breakfast for as long as most of us care to remember. As we hurry around in the morning, the sound of the toast popping up provides a brief highlight in those hectic moments rushing to get everything ready.

Things have evolved considerably since then along with our tastes and, although toasting bread remains a favourite, there are now many more options to satisfy these appetites.

Hovis, one of the UK’s most established and best loved brands of bread, are currently promoting their range of toasting products. They have teamed up with Russell Hobbs to offer 100 lucky customers the chance to win a Classic 4 slice toaster.

Time to Enjoy a Tasty Snack

On each of their Toasting Range products, which includes teacakes, muffins, pancakes and crumpets, are details of how and where to enter the competition. It would be easy for us to give you the link to the area where you can enter.

However, we didn’t want to make things too simple for you and deny you a tasty toasted snack from Hovis in the process. So, you will have to go out and buy one of Hovis’ Toasting Range products to get the details for this tasty competition.

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