Great Guaranteed Wedding Gift Ideas

As we are now enjoying longer days and a few glimpses of sunshine, wedding season is very much underway. No doubt many of us will have received an invitation or two to a friend’s or family member’s wedding and as the big day approaches, a gift is needed.

Nowadays gift lists and vouchers are what most people rely on but what about a throw-back to more traditional gifts, when things like toasters, kettles and coffee makers were popular?


The toaster remains a staple of the family home, which is why it used to be such a popular present. However, as attitudes have shifted more in modern society, most couples already have the family home established.

Alas, this shouldn’t deter anyone from turning up to their friends or family members wedding with a new, modern toaster.

There is a multitude of toaster designs available, all offering different features and styles suitable for any kitchen.


Can you have too many kettles? Well probably but modern designed models like the Glass Touch Kettle and Heritage, with its retro appearance, are sure to have an impact in any kitchen.

This could also be quite a well thought through gift if the recipient is a fan of tea!

Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is a great present because it isn’t something that everyone has in their kitchen. Fans of coffee will love it, those not partial to the hot drink will be converted by the ease and, in some cases, sophistication of the models.

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