How quiet is a quiet boil kettle?

How quiet is a quiet boil kettle?

7 September 2022

OK. The noise of a kettle only happens for maybe a minute or two, but imagine if the kettle were to wake up a sleeping baby that you’ve been trying to settle for hours? If there's a quiet Kettle available, why wouldn't you choose that one?

Our Quiet boil feature makes it up to 75% quieter* than a standard kettle. It's perfect for young families, early risers and night owls who don't want to wake the whole household when they make a hot drink. The Russell Hobbs Quiet Kettle boils 1 cup** in under 46 seconds*** saving up to 65% energy****, which over time could save you money on those all important household energy bills (espeically if you love your brews throughout the day!) 

Our Quiet Kettle has achieved ‘Our Quietest’ compared to all our other quiet boil kettles

Our Quiet Kettle has achieved ‘Our Quietest’ compared to all our other quiet boil kettles, as it measured lower decibels in the testing environment that we use. While we incorporate the same technology in all our quiet boil kettles, the one that we’re proud to name Quiet Kettle has been designed and constructed to reduce noise, for a quieter result.

Did you know? The noise a kettle makes is created by the sound of bubbles popping during heating? All our quiet boil kettles have a specially coated diffuser ring on the floor of the inside of the kettle. This coated ring breaks up the bubbles as they form, making them smaller than they would be in a normal kettle making the ‘pop’ of the bubbles naturally quieter. Add this to this the unique design and special seals of the Quiet Kettle makes a more peaceful experience.

So next time you’re watching a boxset and you’re just about to savour the moment you’ve been waiting all season for, you won’t hear cries of ‘Aw. I missed that!’ as the kettle boils. Instead, you can quietly congratulate yourself that you chose a Quiet Kettle.


*when tested against a Russell Hobbs kettle without Quiet Boil Technology

**one cup is equal to 236ml

***56 seconds (EU) / 46 seconds (UK)

****boiling 1 cup (236ml) vs 1 litre

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