Steam Cooking for 2013

TV and magazines are often accused of barraging us with a plethora of healthy eating mantras and resolutions. With so many different choices, it can be difficult to find meal advice and recipes which are healthy but also convenient and can easily be incorporated into everyday life.

Here at Russell Hobbs we’re no stranger to the benefits of steam cooking, which is a quick and easy way to prepare food healthily. Unlike frying and baking, using a food steamer locks in the nutrients of ingredients like vegetables, rice, fish or meat during the cooking process. Steamers with tiered baskets allow you to cook different ingredients in separate baskets, and as all the cooking is done using one appliance you save on washing up all those extra pans you might normally use!

As we head towards the end of January where many New Year’s resolutions may be floundering, we thought we’d inspire renewed healthy eating intentions by sharing our most recent favourite steam cooked recipe: Steamed Salmon with stir fried green beans and fragrant herb rice, for two.

The ingredients for this recipe are:

2 filets of Salmon

90g/3oz green beans,

200g/7oz basmati rice

Lemon juice

2 tbsp white wine

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 large handful fresh coriander, chives, dill and watercress all chopped

Half an onion

Using the bottom level of the steamer place in the salmon fillets and add a squeeze of lemon juice, two tbsp of white wine and some black pepper, then move on to prepare the rice by rinsing and placing in the tray compartment. With the digital and stainless steel steamers the rice compartment can be placed in any level of the steamer and it ensures that you get perfect rice every time.

Then finally for the top level of the steamer add the green beans and onion, feel free to add any of your other favourite vegetables, for example broccoli would be another nice addition. Steam the rice and salmon for six minute before adding the vegetable section and steam for a further six minutes. Once the rice is cooked and tender, add the dill, watercress, fresh chives, and coriander so all of the amazing flavours combine together.

To serve, place a spoonful of the rice on the plate, the delicious salmon on top and the vegetables on the side, be sure to season and add an extra squeeze of lemon for even more flavour. Or why not try some yummy chilli sauce? Then sit down and enjoy the deliciously healthy meal.

For more recipe details, go to the Russell Hobbs Steamer user manual or the BBC Food website. Do let us know in the comments of any other tasty and healthy meals you have prepared with your steamer!

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