All you need to know about our Steam Generator Irons

Quiet Super Steam Generator Pro Iron on CountertopQuiet Super Steam Generator Pro Iron on Countertop

All you need to know about our Steam Generator Irons

People often opt for a Steam Generator Iron over a standard steam iron because it's a game-changer for handling those massive laundry piles and achieving professional results. Unless you love spending hours standing by your ironing board – yes, we see you – a powerful Steam Generator could be the answer to saving you time and effort.

We've picked out a few important things you might want to consider to help you decide which is the best Steam Generator Iron for you. When you have the mighty power of a Russell Hobbs Steam Generator Iron at your disposal you only need to iron sheets and duvets on one side. The larger water tank enables more steam to be released at a higher pressure than from a standard iron, helping to soften fabrics enabling deep creases to be eliminated from multiple layers in one pass.

The Water Tanks on Steam Generators can vary in size, but they are always much larger than on a standard iron, so they don’t need to be filled as often. Again, this can save you time when all you want to do is get the job done.


Quiet Super Steam Generator Iron Pro in useQuiet Super Steam Generator Iron Pro in use

How loud are steamer generators?

The gentle hum of the generator means it’s working for you and is completely normal. Sound is caused by the movement of steam passing through the generator to the iron each time the steam trigger is pressed. 

If you like to tackle the ironing when other members of your household are sleeping or trying to watch TV, a great option for you could be the Russell Hobbs Quiet Super Steam Generator Iron – it’s up to 10% quieter* so you can get on with your task while keeping up with your favourite show. With 7 Bar Pressure and a 350g steam shot all at 2400W, you can easily glide through stubborn wrinkles, so all your clothing looks its best.


Quiet Super Steam Pro Steam Generator FilterQuiet Super Steam Pro Steam Generator Filter

Coming clean on limescale

Like other Steam Generators in our range, the Quiet Super Steam Generator has been designed to tackle the issue of limescale build up. The Quiet Super Steam Generator includes our Advanced Limescale Defence System featuring a Calc Clean Reminder Light and Replaceable Anti-Calc cartridge removing limescale to maintain peak performance.

If you live in a hard water area, you’ll have more calcium deposits in your tap water - this is the stuff that causes limescale build-up inside your appliance.

Looking after your Steam Generator Iron

There are steps you can take to reduce the build-up of limescale, even if your Steam Generator has anti-scale functions.

  • Use your iron at the correct setting
  • In a hard water area? Use distilled water instead of tap water
  • Put the iron on top of the base and unplug the unit after use
  • Empty the reservoir after every use
  • When it’s fully cold, wipe with a damp cloth so drops don’t ‘dry’ on the appliance’s surface and close the reservoir lid
  • Gently remove any spots from the soleplate, using a little vinegar on a soft, dry cloth so as not to scratch the surface
  • Do not use fragranced water, additives or oils in the product this will affect the performance and power
Steam Generator iron in useSteam Generator iron in use

Steam Generators - a great value choice

While the cost of a Steam Generator Iron can sometimes be slightly higher than the cost of a standard steam iron, the pay-off in terms of time saved can be worth it. Add to this the extra comfort and convenience of using a lighter weight iron, and the impressive results that can only be achieved with a Steam Generator and any extra expense looks like great value.

*vs previous model

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