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Russell Hobbs UK Retro Cream Kettle 21672
Russell Hobbs UK Retro Cream Kettle 21672
Russell Hobbs UK Retro Cream Kettle 21672
Russell Hobbs UK Retro Cream Kettle 21672
Russell Hobbs UK Retro Cream Kettle 21672 Russell Hobbs UK Retro Cream Kettle 21672 Russell Hobbs UK Retro Cream Kettle 21672
  • Stainless steel kettle with stunning retro accents
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Rapid boil zone feature with 1/2/3 cup volumes
  • Boil 1 cup in 45 seconds**
  • Save up to 66% energy*
  • Perfect pour water spout
  • Easy removable pull off lid
  • Water level gauge
  • Illuminated on/off button
  • 1.7L capacity with 360° base
  • Removable, washable filter
  • Soft grip handle
  • 3000W
  • Cream Temperature Gauge
  • Boils 1 cup in 45 seconds
  • 1.7L Large Capacity
  • Perfect Pour

Russell Hobbs Retro Kettle – a modern day kettle with a charming Retro twist
The chic design and styling of the Russell Hobbs Retro Range is packed with modern features combined with the sought after nostalgic aesthetics; making this the perfect choice for trend seekers.

As well as having lots of visual appeal, the Russell Hobbs Retro Kettle brings you a host of practical features that will make you wonder why all kettles aren’t made this way. The stylish combination of cream and stainless steel accents adds a real on-trend feel for those looking to make a bold statement in the kitchen.

Boil a single cup of in 45 seconds*
If you usually make yourself busy in the kitchen while you’re waiting for your kettle to boil, it’s time to take it easy. The Retro Kettle has a rapid boil feature that lets you boil a cup of water in just 45 seconds*. This is particularly ideal if you need hot water in a hurry or if you’re just making one cup. As well as a speedy boil this feature also allows you to be more energy efficient in the home; saving up to 70% energy when only need a small amount.

Making lots of drinks at once? The Retro Kettle is ideal
With a large 1.7litre capacity, it’s big enough to make up to six cups, making it a great choice for family homes. It features a Rapid Boil Zone for 1/ 2/ 3 cups so you can decide how much water you use. The kettle also benefits from a perfect pour spout so that all of the water goes into the cup with fewer splashes and spills on your work surfaces. 

Find the optimum temperature for your drink
One of the Retro Kettle’s charming design features is its external Temperature Gauge. It allows you to check that you’re heating your water to the optimum temperature for your drink. For example, drinks such as green tea and herbal infusions taste better when made with water at temperatures between 60-80 degrees celsius meaning you can stop the boil for a perfect drink.

An affordable, stylish and practical choice for kitchens everywhere
The Retro Cream Kettle has a handy 360° base so it can be comfortably used by right and left-handed people. And to keep your work top clutter free, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away at your convenience. With a range of clever design features and a stylish high gloss and stainless steel casing, the Retro Kettle is sure to make a statement of style at the heart of your kitchen.

*1 cup is equal to 235ml of water
**boiling 1 cup (235ml) vs 1 litre
  • Water window in handle
    Water window in handle
    Subtle and nicely designed to allow you to check water levels without having to lift the lid to see how much is going in as you fill.
  • Temperature gauge feature
    Temperature gauge feature
    The stylish temperature gauge shows you the temperature of the water inside the kettle – perfect if you’re making drinks that benefit from water at a lower temperature.
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