Everyone loves toast, don’t they? Toasted bread has long been a staple part of our diet with virtually every kitchen in Great Britain having a Toaster and a Kettle proudly on display. And as our research shows, they are used practically every day and not just for good old toast too…

From egg soldiers to freshly buttered bagels and crumpets – toast is our national dish and Russell Hobbs is proud to be the No1 Toaster brand in  Britain. But with all the different bread types and sizes now on offer in the supermarkets, it’s no longer just a case of in it goes and up it pops!

  • Glass Toasters

    Russell Hobbs has a range of stylish Glass Toasters, including contemporary black glass with touch control technology.

  • Polished Steel Toasters

    If you’re looking for a stylish piece for your kitchen worktop our Polished Steel Toasters are a perfect choice.

  • Brushed Steel Toasters

    For that contemporary kitchen style, take a look at the range of Russell Hobbs Brushed Steel Toasters.

  • White Toasters

    The collection of Russell Hobbs White Toasters offer understated elegance, a perfect fit for a classic kitchen.

  • Black Toasters

    Our collection of striking Black Toasters, available in a range of styles, offer that contemporary feel for the modern kitchen.

  • Other Colours

    Whatever your taste, we have a rainbow of Coloured Toasters available including cream, red, blue and purple.

  • Twin Packs

    Russell Hobbs Twin Packs feature a matching Toaster & Kettle, a great value package for your kitchen.

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