Russell Hobbs Best Buy Toaster selection

Here we’ll look at some of the standard features you can expect to get for your money with a Russell Hobbs best buy toaster.

All our toasters deliver great value for money but some are pricier than others. You can pay as little as £17 for a basic model or up to around £90 for our new Glass Touch toaster – which is still great value for money as because comes with all manner of bells and whistles including stunning touch control technology.

Most of our best buy toasters are between £20 and £40. Style and colour vary but each one delivers many of the excellent features of a top of the range toaster.

2-slice and 4-slice toasters

For decades the 2-slice toaster was the standard kitchen appliance but these days 4-slice toasters are popular with busy couples and families alike. Many of Russell Hobbs best buy toasters are 4-slice models. They are quick, economical and offer great value for money.

Extra wide/long slots

Many of our best buy toasters have wider slots, which is useful for bread such as Warburtons large sliced bread. The Classic toaster has been a best seller at Russell Hobbs for 20 years and this is just one of our superb models that features extra wide slots for things like crumpets, muffins, teacakes and bagels.

Variable settings

Best buy toasters provide a wide range of browning settings usually from very light to very dark. Some toasters have eye-catching neon indicator lights located on the side of the toaster let you see at a glance the level of browning selected.

Frozen bread and reheat functions

The first function takes the guesswork out of toasting frozen bread. Simply leave the browning control at your chosen setting and let the toaster do the rest. The reheat function allows you to warm unbuttered toast without burning it.

Carriage lever with extra lift

Another standard function in many of our best buy toasters is high lift which allows the bread carriage handle to go higher so that smaller items such as muffins and croissants don’t become jammed in the toaster.

Switched on style

Style and appearance matters as much as value for money – that’s why our toasters look great and bring a touch of class to any kitchen. With so many best buy toasters to choose from at Russell Hobbs, you’ll be hard pressed not to find one that’s right for you.

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