Gifting at Russell Hobbs – white wedding, white toaster?

We’ve all asked ourselves that dreaded question before – “what on earth do I buy them?” At Russell Hobbs, we have so many products and ranges, you’re sure to find something perfect, whatever the occasion, whatever the budget.

Best friend’s white wedding – how about a funky white toaster instead of the regular, old fashioned one? Brother’s house warming party – his first iron perhaps? Whether it’s an engagement party or a divorce party for that matter, we offer practical solutions for all budgets.

Why go for household appliances?

Small appliances can sometimes seem rather impersonal. The traditional white toaster has long been stigmatised as a fallback option when you can’t think of anything else to buy. But how many of us live without a toaster?

An iron isn’t the most glamorous gift you’ll ever be given, but how many of us want to go out with creased clothing?

Similarly, the ubiquitous stainless steel kettle might seem unimaginative, but how annoying would it be if we had to boil water in a pan at the end of a long day when all you want is a brew…and fast?

The fact is, household appliances whether they’re big or small, black or white, toasters or kettles, make our world go round. Here are some suggestions on modern day twists on household appliances you won’t be ashamed to give:

Glass Touch range

This three-product range gives you the flexibility to buy one or more items, depending on how much you want to spend. And because they are mostly white; the toaster, kettle and coffee maker are ideal if you don’t want to go for a bolder colour option. They are classy and work for any occasion but are especially great as wedding gifts.

Heritage range

Our new Heritage range offers an alternative to the standard white toaster option with stainless steel, traditional black, farmhouse red and country cream toasters available. There’s a matching kettle for each colour too. They have a stylish retro look and would be well-received by any age and gender.

4-slice toasters

When you’re set on a toaster because it’s a tried and trusted solution, why not upgrade to something suitable for larger families or busy couples? We have black, stainless steel and white toasters which can accommodate 4 slices of toast or even bagels and sweet breads. Since most people have a 2-slice toaster, this could be a welcome gift option.

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