Black is back – why black toasters are all the rage

Nothing says cool, confident and sexy quite like black – whether it’s the colour of your clothing, car or a household appliance. We can’t help you with the first two, but we can certainly help with the latter, especially if you’re after a black toaster.

At Russell Hobbs we appreciate that style and substance go hand in hand, that’s why we offer a top range of sleek black toasters to bring a touch of class to any kitchen. We even offer colour coordinated products, so if you opt for a black toaster, you can also buy a matching black kettle in the same range.

Why choose a black toaster as a gift?

Toasters can make great gifts whether for a new home or wedding but people often worry that a simple white or stainless steel toaster is a bit unimaginative. A black toaster makes a statement and we think there are lots of reasons why it also makes a great gift:

  • Black never goes out of fashion.
  • Black is cool – give it to your children when they move away from home and you’ll be considered the coolest parent around!
  • Black is unisex so you can give it to male and female alike.
  • Black works with modern and classic décor so it’s not just suitable for city flats!

Three black toaster options

To help you decide on a toaster, whether for yourself or a gift, here are three unique options. (Keep in mind that all our toasters feature a cancel function because although black toasters are great, black toast just isn’t!)

1. Heritage Traditional 2 slice toaster
As part of Russell Hobbs’ 50 year anniversary since the iconic K2 kettle, we are launching a new range called Heritage. This toaster has a retro feel about it and looks remarkable when paired up with our matching kettle and grill.

2. Black glass 2 slice toaster
This black glass toaster epitomises Russell Hobbs’ innovation and style. It looks the business and has the features to match with browning control, frozen bread facility and soft touch lever.

3. Black 4 slice compact toaster
For bigger families (or just bigger tummies!), our 4 slice black toaster is heaven sent. Flexibility is key in the design of this toaster as you have the option of interval toasting and independent 2-slice toasting to save energy.

Just like toast isn’t boring, what with the multitude of toppings available, toasters don’t have to be boring either. Check out our full range of black toasters on our products page.

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