Benefits of Russell Hobbs 4 slice toasters

At Russell Hobbs you can pick up a 4-slice toaster for as little as it costs to buy a 2-slice model so it’s worth looking at the benefits that a larger toaster can bring to your kitchen.

Convenience is the obvious advantage a larger toaster has over its smaller counterpart. 4-slice toasters will help you save time and energy allowing you to toast large amounts of bread quickly. This is ideal for couples on the hop in the morning or for busy family breakfasts.

The complications of a full English breakfast

The juggling act of getting all the components of a full English breakfast ready at once and still hot is near impossible! You could single-handedly justify the need for a 4-slice toaster just for this, as us Brits are serious about our breakfast. Whether you’re feeding two or ten hungry mouths, it’ll make the world of difference.

What if I want less toast?

This is not a problem as Russell Hobbs 4-slice toasters come with an independent 2-slice operation, which means you can be flexible with your toasting and still save energy if you’re only using one or two slots.

Of course, like other toasters, Russell Hobbs’ 4-slice models are also equipped with the same high standard of features you would expect from a modern toaster including variable browning control, frozen bread setting, mid-cycle cancel function and wide/long slots.

Classic 4-slice toaster

This makes great toast, looks stunning and is made to last. It’s available in both polished and brushed stainless steels with a classic retro look. The larger slots give you plenty of room for thicker slices and there’s an extra lift facility to help you retrieve smaller items easily.

Glass 4-slice toaster

Designed in-house by Russell Hobbs, the elegant Glass Range offers style previously unavailable in the kitchen. This toaster is narrower than many other 4-slice toasters as there are 2 longer toasting slots rather than four.

Lift & Look 4-slice toaster

Its sleek, glossy white finish means this stylish compact toaster will coordinate with any modern kitchen. The lift and look lets you look at your bread during the toasting process without having to use the cancel function.

These are just a few of the 4 slice toasters available at Russell Hobbs. To see all our toasters, kettles and other fantastic kitchen appliances visit our products section on the main website.

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