A quick guide to Russell Hobbs Toasters

There’s nothing quite like a slice of toast – or two! It can be enjoyed almost anywhere at any time and with anything on top.  Here at Russell Hobbs you’ll find toasters in abundance so you’re never far away from that quick snack fix.

Toasters with different features and styles are available to suit all tastes and pockets. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide which one is best for you.

2 slice toasters

2-slice toasters are by far the most popular choice and these are compact enough to fit snugly on your worktop. Styles range from your classic white toaster to the more sleek and innovative Quick2Toast model.
Most 2-slice models are designed with standard and thick loaves in mind. Other standard functions include: defrost, cancel, easy clean and variable browning control.

4 slice toasters

4-slice toasters have become more popular over the last few years. These are ideal for couples and families who are always on the go. A 4-slice model is inevitably bulkier and will take up slightly more room but they still look great.
Check out our Stainless Steel range or, if you’re looking for a narrower alternative then take a look at our Glass collection, which has a toaster with two longer slots to fit four slices.

Large slot toasters

Many of our toasters have deeper and wider slots to accommodate thicker slices like Warburtons large sliced bread. These are also useful for bagels, crumpets, waffles and unsliced loaves, which can be cut extra thick.
Toasters with large slots include the Russell Hobbs favourite Classic toaster as well as Glass, Glass Touch and Quick2toast ranges.

Innovative toasters

If you’re looking for the ultimate kitchen gadget then our Glass Touch and Quick2toast ranges will not disappoint. The Glass Touch Toaster is packed with stunning features including touch control technology and seven levels of browning control.
Quick2toast is designed to look amazing and save you time as it toasts bread twice as fast.

Anniversary toasters

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the K2 kettle, Russell Hobbs has introduced a new Heritage collection featuring matching kettles and toasters. They come in four great colours: farmhouse red, traditional black, country cream and classic stainless steel.

So go on, give your kitchen the toaster it deserves. Visit the toasters section on our main website and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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