Travel Kettle to go…

When the holiday season comes around, a travel kettle is always a handy item to pack. They’re compact, light and very easy to use, which means you never have to go without your favourite brew.

Where to use a travel kettle

All kinds of holidays can benefit from a good travel kettle as a companion. For decades they’ve been popular with caravanning holidays but now they’re increasingly in demand because they’re designed to be more convenient than ever.

Today’s travel kettles are designed to be easily used abroad, on camping trips or almost anywhere for that matter. A lot of hotel rooms have their own small kettles available in rooms but they aren’t always in the best shape. Packing a Russell Hobbs travel kettle means you can enjoy many of the comforts and benefits of your own home kettle in a modern, compact design.

What makes a good travel kettle?

There are many models to choose from, which can often be confusing. We believe there are a few essential elements that make a good travel kettle.

  • It should be small and lightweight so that it can be easily packed and carried
  • The lid should be sturdy and hinged for ease of filling
  • It should have a water level window to check the amount of water being added
  • It should have a sturdy, ergonomically designed handle
  • It should be easy to clean

Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle

With over 50 years’ experience in kitchen appliances Russell Hobbs has a great kettle to send you on your travels in style. It boils water faster than ever. The powerful 1kw element inside is also hidden for easy cleaning; there‟s a secure hinged lid; a clear power-on light to let you know when it‟s finished boiling and an excellent water filter. All of this comes with a generous 850ml capacity.

Using your Russell Hobbs travel kettle abroad

Using them abroad has never been easier because it comes with dual voltage. The kettle will work on any voltage from 120 to 240 volts, which means you can use it almost anywhere.

To purchase your Russell Hobbs travel kettle, go to our white kettles section and remember there‟s free delivery to UK mainland areas.

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