The coloured kettle for a modern kitchen

Russell Hobbs is celebrating 50 years since the launch of its iconic K2 kettle which revolutionised the way we boil water. To mark the occasion, we are introducing Heritage – a classic stainless steel and coloured kettle range to bring a touch of nostalgia to the modern kitchen.

When we think Sixties, we think colour, and the Heritage range offers just that. Farmhouse Red and Country Cream are the brighter coloured kettles in the range, while Traditional Black and Classic Stainless Steel allow you to bring a retro feel to your kitchen, without disturbing your existing colour scheme.

Is it all just a little bit of history repeating?

In 1960, the K2 kettle became a style icon in its own right and was the must have kitchen appliance of its day. Fashion goes in cycles and with retro being in again, we think we’ve hit the mark with the Heritage range of coloured kettles.

Coloured kettles by kitchen theme

Your choice of kettle can say a lot, not just about your kitchen, but also about you. Here we have a bit of fun and explore what each coloured kettle in the Heritage range might say about you!

Country Cream – This beautiful classic country cream coloured kettle will take you away to that lovely little cottage you hope to own some day. Imagine wicker baskets and gingham tea towels, timber cabinets and the sound of birds chirping at your window as you prepare your first cuppa on a bright autumn morning.

Famhouse Red – You’re pretty up to date with the latest trends but for sheer individuality, you like to dig up some original pieces and antiques from charity shops. Our Farmhouse Red coloured kettle will look like a gem you‟ve stumbled upon at a car boot sale, but with the Russell Hobbs high standard of quality.

Classic Stainless Steel – Okay, so it’s not exactly a coloured kettle, but the Heritage classic stainless steel kettle offers the perfect retro style addition for those who don’t necessarily want to go for colour, in case it interferes with their “less is more” colour scheme.

Traditional Black – Perhaps you’re a bachelor looking to keep things simple but shiny and sleek at the same time. Or you might just be a fan of classic style. You like to have the best but still want the latest style. With retro being back in, a classic black Russell Hobbs kettle will easily update your modern kitchen.

When ‘white’ is just not all-right, why not add a little colour to add a some sparkle to your kitchen?

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