Getting the best out of your Stainless Steel Kettle

Durable, stylish and a trademark of Russell Hobbs quality – the stainless steel kettle is a best seller and can often outlast other types of kettles. But, as with most kettles, lime scale can build up over long periods of time, especially in hard water areas around the UK.

Lime scale doesn’t look pleasant and it will affect the performance of your stainless steel kettle if left untreated. This is because the build up of lime scale stops the element conducting heat as well as it should. Therefore it is wise to de-scale your kettle once in a while to ensure it is working at its optimum level. When cleaning your kettle you can use a professional de scaling solution but many people use white vinegar, which can be just as effective.

De-scaling your kettle in a few quick easy steps:

  • Always make sure the plug is disconnected from the electric before you attempt to wash your stainless steel kettle.
  • Empty water out of the kettle and allow it to cool if the kettle is still hot.
  • Fill the kettle to about halfway with warm water.
  • Add approximately 60 millilitres of white vinegar to the water in the kettle and mix well.
  • Leave the water for about twenty minutes before using a scouring pad to gently remove any remaining deposits. This must be done very lightly as the heating element will have a special coating to protect it.
  • Pour out the water and rinse the stainless steel kettle with lots of clean, fresh water making sure you get rid of any chunks of scale calcium deposit during rinsing.
  • Refill the kettle with fresh water and boil once or twice again. Pour away this lot of water to remove any possible aftertaste from the vinegar.
  • Then go ahead and enjoy your first cuppa from your newly cleaned kettle!

Remember that a cleaner kettle is a greener kettle because it uses less energy and saves you money on your bill. De-scaling can also extend the lifetime of your kettle.

And don’t forget, while the inside of your stainless steel kettle is now sparkling clean, don’t forget to get rid of any finger prints and dirt on the surface too!

Russell Hobbs has a huge range of polished and brushed stainless steel kettles to choose from. For a closer look visit our main website.

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