Cordless electric kettle versus stove top

Most people are unaware that water doesn’t taste as good if it is boiled for too long. Over boiling water can make your hot drink taste flat, especially in tea where the delicate flavours can sometimes be lost.

With a cordless electric kettle you don’t need to worry about over boiling or forgetting that you have left a stove on the cooker hob. You can simply flick it on and return to it when it‟s convenient for you. Here are a few other reasons to choose electric over stove top:

Rapid Boil Functions

Unlike stove top kettles, many of today’s cordless electric kettles come with rapid boil functions. A couple of litres can usually be heated in as little as three minutes whereas stove top kettles usually take closer to ten minutes.

Russell Hobbs’ Allure cordless electric kettle not only looks great, it also features a 3kw concealed element for faster boiling.

Specific Temperature Settings

Not all hot drinks require boiling water to 100 degrees Celsius. Drinks such as herbal and speciality teas require lesser water temperatures to get the best out of their flavours. Removing a stove top kettle at the correct temperature can be tricky.

The Glass Touch cordless electric kettle comes with six different temperature settings ranging from 60 to 100 degrees. There’s even a 95 degrees setting, which is ideal for instant coffee.

Energy Efficiency

Cordless electric kettles make great gifts especially for weddings as many couples set up new homes together. But why not give them a kettle that looks great and is going to save them a few quid as well.

With the Quick2boil kettle you heat up exactly the amount of water you need, saving on electricity, time and money. The Quick2boil kettle is two cutting edge appliances in one. The quick dispenser will give you a hot drink in seconds while the cordless kettle unit is more practical for other everyday kitchen needs such as boiling water for cooking. In terms of innovation, this cordless electric kettle is light years ahead of conventional stove top models.

To find out more about our latest cordless electrical kettle collections and other kitchen appliances for the modern kitchen, visit our products section.

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