Tips to make ironing easier

Ironing can be a mundane and tricky task even if you have the best steam iron at your disposal. Following these few simple steps will help you get the job done quicker and your wardrobe will be a crease free zone.

Common ironing mistakes and how to avoid them

If you use a tumble dryer, don’t leave them in there for too long. It is best to steam iron clothes when they are slightly damp.

The best steam irons come with a good steam sprayer. Use it to soften garments during ironing. If you don’t, ironing will be harder.

Some irons are awkward to fill without a separate jug but not the Russell Hobbs easyfill iron. It‟s unique patented fill system acts like a funnel and can be filled straight from the tap making ironing easier.

If your clothes are languishing in the ironing basket for weeks on end then at least take a moment to give them a good shake and fold before putting them there. Reshaping clothes first will make ironing a smoother process.

Don’t mix your lightweights and heavyweights. Iron your silk and delicate fabrics first as these are ironed at low temperatures. Increase the temperature and move on to heavyweight garments such as wool and linen.

Getting the best from a steam iron

  • Most irons heat up quickly but wait a couple of minutes before starting to iron. This ensures it is has reached the correct setting.
  • An iron heats up quicker than it cools down. If you have to switch to a lower setting, wait five minutes.
  • When ironing, keep moving freshly ironed surfaces away from you. If you move it towards you it may crease as you lean over it.
  • Your steam iron will work best when you de scale it regularly, especially if you live in a hard water area.

Also remember, it’s not just about getting the best from a steam iron. You need to be positioned comfortably as you may be on your feet for long periods. Setting the ironing board to the correct height helps. To do this, stand with your elbows bent at right angles then lower your arms until they are in a comfortable position. Set your ironing board to this height.

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