Ironing tips for men

Today’s irons are lightweight, easy to use and designed for comfort. Yet still, for most men, ironing is akin to running an assault course.  There’s a different obstacle at every turn. The collar, the cuff, those hard to reach places…it gives a new meaning to the phrase “iron man”!

Not that we like to generalise of course. Some men aren’t lightweights at ironing. But this is essentially for those who don’t know their nylons from their cottons.

How to iron a shirt

Assuming you don’t have one already, the first hurdle is getting your hands on a good iron. A lightweight iron with a soft touch handle will ensure minimum exertion, so rest assured you’ll have enough energy to open a beer afterwards.

Something like the Russell Hobbs Slipstream 2400w would do. This is a durable, lightweight iron with a soft touch handle, upper and lower. It boasts an anti-slip heel and easy fill water tank. (And you thought shopping for a car was exciting!)

The ironing board

Don’t cut corners before you‟ve started by ironing the shirt on a towel-covered surface – such as the floor. In the end, it’s your shirt that will suffer. Always use a sturdy ironing board.

The shirt

Set your dial to the correct temperature setting. Most shirts are cotton, which is normally represented by three bold dots on your lightweight iron. But always follow the instructions on your shirt label.

Back and front

Place the back of the shirt on the board, with the sides hanging over the edges. Now you can begin to iron out the wrinkles and creases. Hit the steam button whenever there is a particularly stubborn spot.

Keep your lightweight iron moving to avoid burning the cotton and keep repositioning the shirt along the board until you have smoothed out all the wrinkles. You’re one third of the way to having a freshly pressed shirt already.

The sleeves

Find the crease on top of the shoulder and spread the sleeve out over the board, so that the sleeve stays as flat as possible. Then get your lightweight iron and iron until flat, then turn the sleeve and do the same again.

Collar and cuffs

Lay out the whole of the collar on the board, with the inside of the shirt facing up. Iron it flat, from the outside inwards. Flip the collar and do the same again. Open up the cuffs and iron in the exact same way you did the collar.

Congratulations – you’ve ironed a shirt! Set down your lightweight iron and take the weight off your feet for five minutes – you’ve earned it. After you’ve recharged your battery you’ll be ready to make a start on the pile of ironing in the basket.

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