Checklist for choosing irons on sale in the UK

Just over half of us iron as we go, which suggests it’s at the bottom of many people’s priority list. If you’re one of those people who don’t like ironing, it’s helpful to know a few tips to make it as easy as possible.

The first step is finding the right iron. There are essentially two types of household irons on sale in the UK: standard steam irons and steam generator irons.

Standard steam iron

Russell Hobbs has a variety of irons on sale. This type of iron is by far the most popular among UK households and delivers all sorts of handy features to make ironing quicker and easier.

They tend to cost less, and are smaller and more compact than steam generators. Standard steam irons can usually be used as dry irons too.

Steam generator iron

These are different in that a large amount of pressurised steam is generated in a separate boiler, which is then sent through the soleplate quickly removing creases and leaving a professionally pressed finish.

They cost a little more than ordinary irons but can also greatly reduce ironing time as they’re designed to cope with large amounts of ironing. To find out more about the types of steam generator irons on sale at Russell Hobbs visit our products page on the main website.

Useful features checklist

Irons on sale at Russell Hobbs are lightweight designs and include standard features like dry/steam/spray and burst but many of our irons have the following useful functions as well:

  • Anti drip device – this prevents watermarks on garments, which can be caused by drips as the soleplate cools.
  • Powerful vertical steam – many of the irons on sale are equipped with this function, which removes creases from hanging clothes, curtains and furnishing fabrics.
  • Self-cleaning function – scale build up can occur in the steam heads and so a self clean function helps keep your iron in good condition.
  • Anti scale feature – this reduces the build up of scale in your iron.
  • Easy fill – our Easyfill range is designed to make your life easier as its base incorporates a unique “funnel” system that fills straight from the tap.

With so many irons on sale at Russell Hobbs, you’re sure to find a suitable one that will serve you well for years to come.

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