Buying steam irons at Russell Hobbs

Buying a steam iron at Russell Hobbs couldn’t be simpler.  There are many to choose from and when you order online we’ll deliver it free to mainland UK areas.

If you are looking for a new iron, first you need to decide whether to buy a steam iron or a steam generator. If you’re ironing time doesn’t amount to much more than a few hours a week then you should probably buy a standard steam iron.

Alternatively, a steam generator iron may be more suitable if you have bigger loads and want perfectly pressed clothes in around half the time.

Buying a steam iron

Russell Hobbs has a huge range of irons to suit all budgets. All of our irons are packed with great features and are designed with ease of use, simplicity and great value in mind. Aside from performance and durability, there are a few extra features you may wish to look out for before buying a steam iron online.

  • Soleplates – some irons have stainless steel soleplates, others have ceramic coatings which help the iron glide more smoothly.
  • Auto shut-off – this will switch the iron off automatically if it has been sat idle for a period of time – normally around ten minutes.
  • Vertical steam – this feature enables you to steam hanging shirts, curtains or even fabrics on furniture but it’s also worth noting that steam generator irons are often better equipped for this.
  • Full cord storage – so that it can be wrapped and stored easily around the base, keeping it neat and tidy when not in use. Russell Hobbs’ easyfill iron has a cord that wraps neatly around the base.
  • De scaling function – keeping your iron clean and free of scale is vital as it can hamper its performance. It’s definitely a good idea to buy a steam iron with a self-clean feature.

Steam iron prices at Russell Hobbs

Choosing a good steam iron to buy doesn’t have to break the bank as all our models deliver great value for money. Prices for basic models start at less than £20 and go up to around £50 for top-of-the-range steam irons.

Steam generator irons start at a little less than £100 but are well worth the investment if you’re a slave to your ironing board. For a closer look at all our prices visit the irons section on our main website.

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