Buy Irons online at Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs make buying irons online simple, quick and convenient. There are a wide variety to choose from including standard steam irons, generator irons and travel irons.

Before you go ahead and buy an iron you need to decide which type best suits your needs. If you’re faced with a pile of ironing on a regular basis you might want to consider investing in a steam generator iron.

These cost more than standard irons but are designed to cut down your ironing time.

Most people tend to buy standard irons but with so many to choose from it can be a daunting task in itself.

Buying a good steam iron can make all the difference

Ironing is a chore most of us want to get done as quickly and easily as possible – so buying a good iron can ease some of the bugbears of ironing and reduce the time you’ll have to spend doing it.

Firstly, what are the bugbears of ironing? Filling some irons with water can be tricky as the openings are often too small and water spills easily.

Cord storage is another popular gripe (or the lack of it) and irons often look untidy sitting on the cupboard shelf. Other common nuisances include inadequate water capacity and lack of steam output.

Russell Hobbs Easyfill Iron

With all those grievances in mind, steam irons don’t come better than Easyfill irons.  It’s easy to fill, easy to store and easy to stand – altogether making your life easier when it comes to ironing.

Easyfill features at a glance:

  • Unique funnel shaped base enables easy filling and emptying of 400ml water tank with no spillage.
  • Full power cord wraps neatly around the base keeping it tidy and compact.
  • Illuminated water tank for added safety and convenience.
  • Stainless steel soleplate with steam tip.
  • Easy to stand base, great for stability and safety.
  • Soft touch handle and dial.

Where can you buy irons at Russell Hobbs?  Well, obviously in many of the outlets that stock our products but there is also a full range available on our website.

Buying irons online couldn’t be simpler.  There are two easyfill models available – the Ocean 2200w and the Heather 2400w.

Both offer great value for money but the Heather is slightly more expensive as it has additional features like an extra long 3m cord and ceramic soleplate for more even heat distribution. Don’t forget you’ll receive free delivery in mainland UK.

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