Benefits of Steam Generator Irons

It‟s pretty unanimous across the board (no pun intended) that ironing is a boring chore, but using a steam generator iron could reduce your ironing time by half.

Steam generator irons produce continuous steam for longer to make light work of those heavy piles of ironing. They can hold up to four times as much water as a regular steam iron, depending on the tank capacity of course. And since the water is held in a detachable tank, they’re lighter to hold and use.

Because they are more heavy duty and come with all sorts of functions, steam generator irons are more expensive than standard steam irons. They are primarily designed for those who like to iron in bulk but may offer the sort of luxuries that might entice more casual ironers as well.

To help you choose, here‟s a list of key benefits for steam generator irons:

Top tank capacity

Normally they‟ll hold around 1000ml compared to 250-450ml on a standard iron. Because of this steam generator irons normally take a little longer to heat up but that shouldn‟t be a concern considering you‟ll save time ironing overall.

A lot of steam for your money

Steam is essential for wrinkle free clothes and a generator iron uses pressurised steam from a separate boiler, which means you will get more powerful steam for much longer. The higher the pressure, the deeper the steam penetrates into the fabric, achieving professional quality results.

Effortless vertical steaming

Steam generator irons make lighter work of vertical steaming allowing you to iron garments like shirts or even coats on the hanger. It will easily cope with thick curtains and you won‟t have to go through the hassle of taking them down.

Safety first

All our steam generator irons come with auto shut-off giving you peace of mind if you leave your iron unattended. The iron will normally switch itself off after about ten minutes if it has remained motionless, reducing the risk of an accident.

Another handy safety feature most of our models include is a convenient cable tidy for easy storage and neat appearance.

Do I really need a steam generator iron?

These can often deliver perfectly pressed results to rival the dry cleaners and are particularly suitable for larger households as they are able to plough through a pile of ironing in less time. But if you‟re more of an “iron as you go” person then a Russell Hobbs standard steam iron may offer better value for money.

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